Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yana Zein asking for a donation for cancer treatment

Yana Zein was not Hesitate asking for a donation for cancer treatment

Jakarta - After diagnose to have breast cancer, the artist Yana Zein harvest concerns. Yana Zein should treat the ailment, the 45 year old women having trouble financially so that two daughters should quit school.

With such conditions, Yana Zein need a lot of help. Not just a lot of prayers for his recovery, the soap opera "Cinta di Langit Taj Mahal" also said if she need of funds to finance her treatment.

Senior artist Yana Zein was undergoing cancer treatment in the Hospital of Siloam, Jakarta, Thursday (29/12/2017)

With his condition as a single parent who must support her two young daughters, Yana is not ashamed to ask for help. It was done to keep fighting gained a healing to be able to return to work.

"Funding is urgently needed because it's already spending income and my funds. I am also not shy to invoke the benefactors and donors to help so that I quickly recovered. Not for me, but for both of my daughter. I have to raise them, providing the best education. Hopefully I can heal faster and so help the family again, "he said.

And, after his condition is reported in the media, various aid began arriving to Yana Zein. Ranging from support for the fight against cancer, to help real funds used to undergo the medical process that must be done for the sake of Zein Yana his recovery.

Furthermore, for people who intend to donate, Yana Zein was not ashamed to beg.

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