Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Motive Of Bambang Tri Wrote The Book "Jokowi Undercover"

Police Said The Motive Of Bambang Tri Wrote The Book Jokowi Undercover

Jakarta -- Police Bareskrim Investigators continue to examine  Bambang Tri Mulyono the author of "Jokowi Undercover". Books written and printed by Bambang turns make him a prisoners at Polda Metro Jaya.

The appearance of the front cover of the book "Jokowi Undercover" at Kadivhumas police, Jakarta, Monday (3/1/2017).

Bureau Chief of Information Society Division Publicist Police Brigjen Rikwanto revealed motif of Bambang Tri writing and distributing the book. Rikwanto said, Bambang Tri wants to be famous from his book.

"Concerned (Bambang) want to be famous, known, and let the community know who made it," said the Police Rikwanto, Jakarta, Monday (3/1/2017).

Rikwanto added, in making the book he wrote himself and scored himself and then he wants to publish. The contents of the book, contains defamation against President Jokowi.

"Bambang Tri offers to publishers but rejected, because could be dangerous for society," said Rikwanto.

Bambang Tri currently has status as a suspect. He has also been detained by investigators at Rutan Polda Metro Jaya.

Bambang Tri has infringement of the legislation on Electronic Transaction Information (ITE), Act No. 40 of the year 2008 on the Elimination of racial and Ethnic Discrimination, and article 207 of the CRIMINAL CODE on insults against the authorities.

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