Thursday, January 19, 2017

The first in the world, this woman went through Surgery Burns with fish skin

The first in the world, this woman went through Surgery Burns with fish skin
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"I am really in a sense of pain and desperate to do anything to relieve my suffering," said Mary to The Sun and quoted Tuesday (20/12/2016).

When it happens to be a study of walking to find a cheap burns treatment as well as effective at Dr. José Frota Institute Burns Unit. The doctor then offers Mary a therapy experiments shut burns with tilapia fish skin.

Tilapia is a general term for hundreds of freshwater fish that comes from the family Cichlidae. An example of the popular tilapia fish in Indonesia such as fish oreochromis mossambicus or tilapia.

Before the team had used to process the fish skin by removing scales, muscles, toxins, and other things that can increase the risk of the spread of the disease. Fishy smell typical of fish has also been removed so all that remains is a layer that can be used instead of plaster.

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Excellence by using the fish skin is in addition could close wounds, he was also flexible enough so that it makes it easy to move the patient.

In the case of Mary during the 11 days the doctor let the skin of the fish stick. Then afterwards with the help of lubricating the doctor slowly picked it up.

Plastic surgeons Dr. Edmar Maciel is involved in the development of therapies used tilapia skin says because it contains collagen type 1 and high humidity. Both are important factors in the treatment of burns because it could give the patient's skin condition and the nutrients it needs to recover.