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Take advantage of the Olive Oil to lose weight

Take advantage of the Olive Oil to lose weight
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One type of intake that you can take advantage of to lose weight is the olive oil. How do you do?

According to experts, in addition to having the content of healthy fats, olive oil also has a delicacy and can help the process of weight loss. So quoted from Prevention.

In a study conducted in Germany, researchers from the University Hospital in Tubingen doing research to the 11 respondents. They were given low-fat yogurt, and half of whom were given yogurt plus extracts of olive oil.

After eating the yogurt, the research team then checked and measured the brain activity of these men.

As a result, a group of men who consumed yogurt with extracts of olive oil have an increased blood flow in areas of the brain. This area is generally associated with the consumption of fat. According to the researchers, this happens thanks to the distinctive aroma on oil, also known as olive oil.

"If you breathe in a low-fat extract or have healthy fat, then you may be able to feel the sensation of the fat without excess caloric intake," says Dr. Andreas Fritsche, co-author of the study at the same time professor at Tubingen University Hospital.

According to this study, although Fritsche may still be limited and require more research, but this theory can be used to lose weight and reduce your intake of excess calories. 

That certainly when you want to try utilizing olive oil for cooking, then avoid heating overdo because it could damage his nutritional content. According to Watchara dr s., SpGK or Dr. Vera from RS Kemang Medical Care (KMC), olive oil is indeed easily damaged on the process of warming. Of the various types of olive oil, virgin olive oil is the most easily damaged if heated.

"The more extra virgin, then the more should not be subject to fire at all. Preferably used for salad dressings. Do not already buy a costly extra virgin, even used to Cook, "said dr Vera.


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