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Sports VS Diet: the most effective way to eliminate belly fat

Sports VS Diet: the most effective way to eliminate belly fat
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Potbelly because of a buildup of fat (visceral fat) often become everyone's complaints. But more than that fat in the abdomen actually is also a sign of the health risks, and also mentions the buildup of fat in the abdomen is even more dangerous than fat in other areas of the body.

"The study shows you if your body mass index (BMI) normal, does not mean a low heart attack risk. It is thus dependent on the distribution of fat in the body, "said one of the researchers, Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, a Cardiology expert from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, United States.

The good news belly fat is believed to be more active in other fats compared metabolis under the skin (subcutaneous fat). This means when a person increases or decreases body weight largely because abdominal fat is lost or added.

Departing from it some people will probably try to find the most effective way to eliminate belly fat. A team from the BBC program "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" trying to find the answer by doing experiments on 35 people.

Participants include health data taken essentially large waist circumference and then divided into four groups. The first group were asked to move by more actively target stepped up more each day, both groups were asked to follow an exercise program crunches three times a day, a third group was asked to drink a liter of milk a day, and the last group was asked to just reduce the number of servings to eat.

All the methods added are popular methods that have been tried to eliminate belly fat.
The result after six weeks all participant data taken back his health. For the first group there is no fat loss but health indicators such as blood pressure and sugar increase dramatically.

Meanwhile a group that crunches alone is not lost fat and no improvement in health indicators, but specifically for waist circumference there is a decrease in the average two centimeters. Professor Dylan Thompson of the University of Bath said this possibility just because your stomach muscles so better ' embrace ' fat there is. 

The third group consumed a liter of milk is also no improvement on fat and health indicators. Although the average participant consumes 400 extra calories from milk, they could not increase the fat allegedly by metabolis Professor Fredrik Karpe from the University of Oxford since the effect of satiety from the milk so that eating too so a little more.

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The fourth group, which reduces the share of eating have most positive results. Collectively participants in this group managed to trim 35 pounds and shrink waistlines by up to 5 centimeters.

"In conclusion if you want to eliminate belly fat with a healthy and effective way, the old advice with a combination of exercise and a good diet," wrote the team of researchers as cited from the BBC, Tuesday (12/7/2016).

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