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Fat in the abdomen more danger than under skin

Fat in the abdomen more danger than under  skin
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Obesity seems to be the latest trend nowadays. Whereas those who are overweight are at risk of experiencing a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes to heart disease.

A study reveals the skinny fat or skinny but potbellied face greater dangers than overweight people. Why is this so? Let alone if not for their belly fat.

Researchers from Boston University tried to find a link between changes in abdominal fat and cardiovascular disease risk factors a person owned. For the purposes of this study, the researchers surveyed middle-aged old 1,106 participants for six years.

With the CT scan, researchers try to compare the influence of fat fat under the skin and fat of fat that exists in the stomach from time to time. In the past, participants experienced a rise of fat under the skin of an average of 22 percent and abdominal fat by as much as 45 percent.

With this change the researcher can see the impact of the presence of fat fat toward heart health participants. Grew fat and reduced overcrowding in its own fat, then blood pressure and triglycerides (fats in the blood) participants also joined up. The risk of metabolic syndrome participants be increased.

Researchers acknowledge the added fat of fat under the skin in the abdomen and both have an impact on heart health, but the added fat on the stomach certainly trigger a greater influence.

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"It turns out that just because it happened the addition of fat in the abdomen leads to heart disease risk factors, no matter how big the addition of weightlessness that happened. This has never been found before, "said researcher Dr. Caroline Fox.

Even from this study, the researchers concluded that only by measuring the amount of fat that is ' hidden ' in the stomach following its density could be the most accurate way to determine whether someone has the ideal/healthy weight or vice versa.

"Instead of fat under the skin is protecting because it serves as a place to store excess fat," says Fox as reported The Sun.

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