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Alert, Overweight can develop more than one Cancer

Alert, Overweight can develop more than one Cancer
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Obesity or overweight is indeed should be avoided because it is proven to trigger a variety of diseases, including cancer. Even a study saying, obesity can increase the risk of someone developing 13 types of cancer.

But the latest research from South Korea also say someone experiencing obesity prone to other types of cancer diagnosed in time that is not far apart.

This fact was obtained after researchers observed 240,000 man for seven years. They found a fat man (with a body mass index over 30) when first diagnosed cancer risk 42 percent larger for diagnosed cancer again (secondary cancer) 1-2 years later.

This means that a fat man can experience two cancers simultaneously compared to those of normal body mass index.

A type of cancer that is often found to be a secondary cancer was colorectal cancer (colon), liver, prostate, thyroid, and kidney.

"It's because of too much extra fat can trigger chronic inflammation in the body, which can trigger the development of cancer cells," explained the Chairman of the team of researchers, Park Sang Min, MD from the Seoul National University College of Medicine.
Park added, the more fatty tissue which accumulates, grew also insulin or hormone levels of estrogen produced the body. But both also known for being able to promote the development of cancer cells in the body.

Then why can appear secondary cancers are completely different to the first type of cancer undiagnosed? According to Park, it's not just because the body is constantly exposed to inflammation that occurs.

"The first type of Cancer Treatment also makes the immune system becomes inflamed, so the more stress and make the body increasingly susceptible to the onset of secondary cancer," explained Park as reported men's Health.

For that advice given Park not far from the efforts of the men to lose her weight.

"It required further research to determine how much fat should be removed, but it seems when you can lose 5 to 7 percent of your body weight, the impact is already felt," said Park.

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