Thursday, January 19, 2017

4 Tips to prevent Depression live in Apartment

4 Tips to prevent Depression live in Apartment
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Depression can happen to anyone, it can be male or female, old and young. It's just that statistically women are more susceptible to depression than men even doubled.

Psychiatrist in clinical Psychosomatic Omni Hospital Natural silk, Serpong, Tangerang, Dr. Andri, SpKJ, FAPM explains the symptoms of depression are often experienced among them are declining mood (feeling of atmosphere), there is no passion or energy to do your daily work though lighter, are also feeling the desperate often come.

"Some even have a mind to end life or commit suicide. The causes can be many factors besides genetic factors associated with congenital in a brain, there could also be associated with the personality of the person and the environment, "said Dr. Andri to.

Associated with it, select live in apartments also identified potential triggers mental health disorders, especially for those who are left alone certainly emerged a sense of loneliness. Especially for people who are not too happy to hang out, also coupled with a more individual apartment environment then the loneliness it makes increasingly uncomfortable. 

Because the moment the apartment became the choice of the urban House for easy reach out to a wide range of activities starting from the business, commercial, entertainment, education and more. In addition to free from the nightmare of denseness of the streets of the capital, was chosen because it is quite practical and flexible.

Well to make it more comfortable while staying in the apartment of Dr. Andri provide some tips that can be done. What is it? Refer to the explanation in the following :

1. Describe yourself in the light of the Sun

dr. Andri explains that the morning sun light is a source of mental health. As is known, in some countries that have a lot of winter that disrupted every winter depression arrives (seasonal affective disorder), due to lack of sunlight.

In Indonesia, especially in the capital, often several activities have already started in the early morning before sunrise and went home at sunset, even late into the night. Then when You get beruntunglah apartments have access to the morning sun. 

"If not maybe we could make our rooms much brighter with the reflection of the rays of the morning sun. Could using a mirror or engineering of interior light in order to get into the apartment is good enough. Don't forget to clean the glass apartment more often, "said dr. Andri. 

2. Try to change the layout of the furniture once every 6 months

If you feel bored with the home environment so-so only, you can change the layout of the furniture to get something new. Change the layout thus making the condition of the mind and behavior remain active and make life more feels passionate about. For this you can do it yourself or ask for help.

3. Come clean-up

dr. Andri who is a member of the American Psychosomatic Society and Fellow of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine in the USA claiming to have lived alone in the apartment and kos. Of course he felt lazy doing clean-up work. Sometimes to junk piled in corners of the room and eventually even makes the upset and stress taking care of it all.

However, you should not wait until the pile up, do a scheduled clean-up so that the environment in the apartment still feels fresh and clean. A good atmosphere will certainly make living quarters become more comfortable. 

4. Keep exercising

Place the small or vast spaces are often so excuse lazy exercise. But according to Dr. Andri regular exercise is very important to make the body more healthy and prevent depression. In fact, you can still do the sport despite a narrow apartment room.

"There are some tips and exercises sports uploaded on YouTube for people who live in apartments are cramped though. So keep exercising Yes, " said dr. Andri.