Thursday, January 19, 2017

Study: Basking in the Sun Help Repair the immune system

Study: Basking in the Sun Help Repair the immune system
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While do have free time, than the silence in the House it is better to provide time to play out. The study said basking in the sunshine fix the immune system.

Yes, in addition to get natural vitamin D, basking in the Sun also gives the cell energy at T cells is one of the cells that play a role in the immune system. These cells also have an important role in combating infections in the human body.

"We all know the Sun give you vitamin D. However, exposure to sunlight also affects the immune system," says Gerard Ahern, said researchers from Georgetown University, as quoted from the Times of India.
These findings show vitamin D production requires ultraviolet (UV) rays. Well, the Sun gives exposure to blue light or blue light in the safe levels and help the T cells move faster. Blue light in sunlight is able to penetrate the dermis layer and provide a significant impact towards the activation of T cells.

"T cells need to move to do their ' job '. One of them is to get to the infection and regulate the response. This research suggests that the Sun's rays directly activate immune cells by increasing their movement, "said Ahern.

This study has been published in the Scientific Journal Reports.

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