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Frequent Headaches? May Be Lacking Vitamin D

Frequent Headaches? May Be Lacking Vitamin D
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Vitamin D is not only good for bone health only. A recent study looking at that this vitamin can also relate to attack a headache.

Published in the journal of Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Eastern Finland knows it after examining data from 2,600 men aged 42 to 60 years old. A blood sample is taken and they interviewed how sick her head attack frequency.

Known almost about 70 percent of men in the study had vitamin D levels below 20 nanogram (ng) per milliliter (ml). The figure is arguably the lower boundary condition of vitamin D deficiency.

That is why many researchers said vitamin D deficiency likely due to samples taken from the male population of Finland. In several European countries the north part of its Sun Ray exposure is less so that the body is also naturally produce less vitamin D.

"Vitamin D is now widely discussed, have a key role in the risk of Neurovascular diseases. It is important for the Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and also other areas throughout the year are less exposed to UVB rays from the Sun, "wrote the researchers in a report in the journal and quoted on Thursday (5/1/2017).

The guy who got a headache at least once a week on average contain 15.3 ng/ml of vitamin D in the blood. By comparison they are no routine headache complaints on average contain 17.6 vitamin D in the blood.

The man with the most vitamin D levels are low i.e. 11.6 ng/ml at risk natural headache twice bigger than the man with the highest vitamin D levels above 10 ng/ml.

Researchers say these studies have limitations, however that is done only at one time only. Therefore, the study could not ensure the pattern relationship whether it is true since less vitamin D people so headaches or even because of a headache so less vitamin D.

"For example could be just those who frequent headaches so lazy to spend time outdoors so that the Sun's UVB rays against his speech he also minimal," said researchers.

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