Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Fitsa Hats" Directly Make A Splashy Netizen

Fitsa Hats Directly Make A Splashy Netizen

Jakarta - sentence 'Fitsa Hats' within a short time directly so exciting talks on social media this evening. So, what is Fitsa Hats become trending topic in indonesia after "Om telolet Om" ?

For those who are still confused by the sentence what it ' Fitsa Hats ' and why is it suddenly so trending topic, reasonable-just reasonable.
From a number of comments on social media, particularly Twitter, the majority made the sentence 'Fitsa Hats' and some even have already started to make a meme.

Well, the source of the hoopla this evening turned out to be derived from this news which was then so viral on social media.
The phrase ' Fitsa Hats ' itself directly so popular from Basuki Tjahaja Ahok on this day, Tuesday (3/1/2017). 

"The name of his witness Habib Novel. He work of the year 1992 to 1995 at Pizza Hut. But perhaps because he's ashamed of work at Pizza Hut because it had an American, He deliberately write Fitsa Hats, "said Ahok.

The phrase ' Fitsa Hats ' sudden jump lively discussed. In fact, until there is a post identity files specified by Ahok.

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