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Interesting places in Malioboro you must-see

Interesting places in Malioboro you must-see.

Visiting Jogja as a Gudeg city is indeed a delightful vacation agenda. Jogja is famous for its warmth and wisdom of the people and favorite choice for most of our society today. Jogja, also serves much of the attractions we can exsplore within it, starting from the famous natural tourist, cultural tourism, and culinary tour.

Of the large number of tourist places in Jogja, Malioboro is currently still interesting for tourists. Apart from domestic circles, many foreign tourists who make Malioboro the ultimate goal.

Malioboro is not only known as a shopping paradise for tourists. but it also can be used as references to malioboro that is quite cheap, tourists can also visit places in Malioboro that can be reached by foot only. It is caused due to the layout of Malioboro that is located close to several other interesting places that are just as fun to visit. like Fort Vredeburg, Yogyakarta Palace and many more, of course.

In addition the location is very strategic, Malioboro is located near Tugu Jogja. So no wonder the Malioboro area remained the main destination for tourists visiting the city. For those of you who want to spend time over the next few days in Yogyakarta or even do not have much time to visit it, the surrounding area of Malioboro you can make the right choice to enjoy the atmosphere of this city.

1. Vredeburg Fort

The Museum is located in Jendral Ahmad Yani No. 6 Yogyakarta, this save a lot of historical stories inside. If visiting this one, you will gain knowledge in the form of people's history against the Dutch in Yogyakarta to seize and defend the independence of Indonesia in his time.

The Museum has been around since the year 1765 was built by kolonoial Netherlands Government at the time. the Dutch Government first quibble with the founding of Fort Vredeburg is to protect the security of Kasepuhan Palace of Yogyakarta and the surrounding area. But behind the pretext of intents and purposes actually built Fort Vredeburg in the Netherlands is with the goal of keeping the Netherlands is easier to control and oversee all activities that are in the Palace.

2.  Zero Kilometers Of Yogyakarta

Walk down along Malioboro Street until you find a place that sits at the South end of Malioboro Street i.e. Zero Kilometers of Yogyakarta. Zero Kilometers of Yogyakarta is a point that becomes the benchmark determination of distance between areas in Yogyakarta and other cities outside of the Yogyakarta.

Many people are still confused if asked where the location of the zero kilometers. most assume zero kilometers are in Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, in fact there are also assumed that zero kilometers are Tugu Jogja  (Tugu Pal white). But all of these assumptions are wrong.

The location of the zero kilometers of Yogyakarta were in the path between the "Alun-alun Utara" to in the South end of Malioboro. This region was never deserted every day, especially during the night. because many people who made zero kilometers as a favorite place to hangout with friends or loved ones. many attractions and entertainment that are available to tourists who come to this place. so this zero point is always a festive atmosphere that will always make us always miss back there. Yes, back to Jogja.

3. Sultan Palace

Visiting Jogja would certainly be felt less complete if not stop by the Yogyakarta Palace, because it is the main symbol of Yogyakarta city. A place that has a history of this we can reach with just a short walk from Malioboro. The building had a long name Kraton of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat is indeed characterized by typical Javanese Joglo building that looks so beautiful. 

If you are curious to see some of the objects that relate to the heritage of Yogyakarta Kingdom. You can enter the museum area here and will find historical items such as the Royal Train, multiple inheritance, Gamelan, script and there are also photographs of the sultan who has headed the Yogyakarta. 

4. Tugu Jogja

Who does not know Tugu Jogja? The monument is white and there is a gold color on the peak of this indeed became the most famous Landmarks in the city of Yogyakarta. According to the history of Tugu Yogyakarta was built in 1756 that is one year after the founding of the city of Yogyakarta.

The monument is loaded with history has lines that are magical connects the southern sea, kraton Yogyakarta and Mount Merapi. If a note on the map, it would look like a straight line from North (Mount Merapi) to South of Parangtritis Beach.

Supposedly the story at the time of meditation, the Sultan of Yogyakarta at the time this monument using as a benchmark the direction facing Mount Merapi. Believe or not, this becomes apparent tugu jogja a strong magnet to attract tourists from different areas.

From this place you can enjoy the old buildings and the light at night. No wonder many travelers or students abroad who perpetuate their moment with selfie . Even some students abroad do the traditions of hugging or kissing the Tugu Jogja as expression to the city that they would leave soon. Location of Tugu Jogja himself was at the intersection of JL. Pangeran Mangkubumi – JL. Sudirman – JL. AM. Sangaji and JL. Pangeran Diponegoro.

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