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Playing Music Can Help Slow Down Aging

Wow! Playing Music Can Help Slow Down Aging
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Research conducted suggests there is Université de Montréal differences of people working as musicians or learn an instrument since childhood with is not. This is apparent when they're aging.

Musicians tend to give faster reaction to various stimuli or sensory stimuli rather than not musicians or never learn music.

"And this is positive because it implies preventing a number of effects of aging," says the Chairman of the team of researchers, Simon Landry as reported Science Daily.

As we know, grew a person's age, their reactions will be more slowly. But on the musicians or those who could play musical instruments, this did not happen despite their biological age is growing.

This is evidenced by the velocity difference researchers observing the reaction of the 16 musicians and 19 respondents who are not musicians. The average is a student majoring in music who have been studying music since the age of 3 years or practice instrument for a minimum of seven years.

They were asked to sit in a room that is silent, with one hand on top of a computer mouse. While the index finger of the other hand is on top of a box that can vibrate.

Researchers asked them to click your mouse as you hear the sound from the speakers, the appropriate field to vibrate or both. The stimulation is carried out as many as 180 times and respondent applied earplugs to prevent distraction or diversion.

"Significantly, the reaction of the musician is faster than that is not a musician," said Landry.

Researchers hope these findings could provide solutions to reduce the prevalence of degenerative diseases such as dementia in the elderly, even since childhood, when they are not yet aware of the importance of these skills.

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