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Physical May Be Old But The Brain Is Not Necessarily

Study: Physical May Be Old. But The Brain Is Not Necessarily
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A recent study published in the journal Neuron some time ago mentioned, someone could have physically aged 18 years of age or legally an adult, but his brain would not necessarily have the same age.

This is because the brain is always changing, no matter what one's physical age. "These issues I think are important because the policy relating to the development of brain maturity requires more attention, such as exposed to a situation when a child is doing a criminal offence," said researcher, Leah Sommerville, psychologists from Harvard University.

Sommerville continues, there's not much to know if each part of the brain is experiencing the maturity at different times or not.

"The developing Brain in the form of the addition of waves, and each part is experiencing significant development at different times. So if asked when would the brain experiencing the maturity, it depends on which part we are talking about," he said as reported CNN.

Though not involved in the study, Dr. Jess Shatkin, child and adolescent psychiatrist from NYU Langone Medical Center help explain, the brain consists of two networks: gray matter and white matter.

In early life, gray matter grow and develop faster, including forming synapses or connections antarsaraf brain. This is needed when a child begins to learn about various things.

Then the body is preparing to enter puberty, the brain slowly pruning some of the gray matter and white matter production boost switch. This process is said to be Jane makes the brain is able to share information better and faster.

"But it is actually a brain volume does not change. We just lost 1 percent of gray matter in the range of age 13 and grew 1 percent white matter at the same time. Since then, goes on constantly," she explained.
This change will continue to run until the age of 20s 30s or even older. However, the process of adding brain maturity Shatkin tend to occur early in the brains of women rather than men.

These findings dismissed the notion that the human brain stops developing in the age when a person enters adulthood. Do not close the possibility this is the reason why there are people who are behaving childishly in adulthood.

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