Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sleep Problems

Quality sleep is necessary for body fitness. Unfortunately not everyone understands what is meant by quality sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recently published a report on the criteria for healthy sleep. The report was published in Sleep and Health, at least contains 4 components sleep quality.

1. Do not do other things in bed

Many people spend a long time on the bed, but didn't really sleep. There's a play phone, continuing the work of the irregularities, or even eat while watching TV.

According to the NSF, 85 percent of the time spent on the bed must be fully allocated to sleep. Less than that, then sleep so not qualified.

2. Go to Beds

Still with regard to the first criterion, sleep quality don't need ' intro ' is too long. At least, 30 minutes since the body down on the bed, must have fell asleep. People with insomnia have a problem with this, so it took a very long time before you can really sleep.

3. Not often wakes up

Woke up in the middle of sleep is a natural thing, but it should not be too often if the sleep quality. NSF call ideally someone not awakened more than once during the night. Environmental factors include one that can bring up the related disorders criteria.

4. If waking up just briefly

When waking up middle of the night, sleep quality should not be difficult to proceed again. In less than 20 minutes, someone is already should be back asleep. But if after that it still could not sleep until a long time, it means less quality sleep.

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