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This is the Ideal duration of use gadgets for teens

This is the Ideal duration of use gadgets for teens. The technology is closely linked to the daily life of the young generation. But its impact be negative if used in excess or in time too long. So ideally as to what?

This question is answered by attempting to researchers from the University of Oxford. According to them, the parents do not need to be paranoid when know the gadget could be bad for flower growing teen or destroy the ability to socialize them.

This is the Ideal duration of use gadgets for teens

In fact, the benefits of gadgets can still be keenly felt if used in a particular duration only. Researchers obtained this conclusion after analyzing data of screen time or average time spent with teenage gadgetnya and relation to the level of their mental well-being.

For the purposes of this study, the researchers observed data derived from 120,115 respondents aged 15 years. The observed activity in teenagers in between watching TV, playing computer and console games, use your computer to the internet and check email, and wearing smart phones to play social media.

99.9 percent of respondents claiming to do more than one activity and use more than one device in her everyday, although smart phones were reported as the most popular gadget to use. 

And like the alleged researchers, they spend more time online on weekends than on weekdays. "The Data also showed the level of welfare of teens on the rise along with the increasing length of using gadgets. But only up to a certain point, "says the researcher.

Moreover, the level of well-being of respondents will decrease. From the results of hitung-hitungan peneliit, the duration is ideal for conducting online activity is along a 257-minute or about 4 hours 18 minutes in a day.

The duration of it, investigators believe the teens not only have qualified in terms of technology, but can also socialize. Over 4 hours 17 minutes, it was only considered capable of disturbing gadgets brain performance.

In addition, the gadget can certainly trigger a ' danger ' in teenagers when used on weekends.

Through this study, Andrew tried to reaffirm the results of previous studies which tend to underestimate the link between use of the gadget with the mental well-being of adolescents.

"But if the gadget is used in moderate or mediocre, it will have no effect," said the Chairman of the research team, Andrew Przybylski as reported The Telegraph.

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