Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Showering at night Preferably Use Warm or cold water?

Like to sleep well? One of the key is the bath. But many people can't stand the bath at night because the temperature of the water is so cold penetrating bone.

Take a bath
Take a bath
However cold water bath claimed to have a greater benefit than a bath with hot water. At least according to some doctors.

Such as benefits for hair. "Cold water will spruce up the cuticle are messy and hold moisture in the hair to prevent loss," Frank Jessica Cheung, MD.

Not only that, the cold water will also tighten the blood vessels in the skin so that the pore porinya becomes solid, so the skin doesn't look flushed or swollen. Cold water also launched a blood circulation. That's why after a bath of cold water, the body instead of shivering, but instead feels warm.

Cold water bath also claimed helping add to the mood, though not much evidence. Some of these are expressed in a study published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health. This study examines the impact of people's habits of Finland for winter swimming ' or ' swimming (outdoor) in winter.

There is mentioned a soak in cold water (participants swim four times a week) proven experience of adding energy and mental well-being improvement. Other studies done in 2007 also said, a bath of cold water for 2-3 minutes also helps reduce the symptoms of depression.

On the other hand, there is also research that says low-temperature water bath will help lose weight, i.e. with the number of fat reproduce Brown (brown fat), which is able to burn more calories.

This was revealed in a small-scale study in 2014. Male participants living in low-temperature areas saw an increase in fat in the body. So also with the metaboliknya activity. Unfortunately because of his scale is small, this study has yet to be proven again.

To be sure, according to a skin specialist from New York City, Lance Brown, MD, avoid taking a bath with very hot water. Even though it feels comfortable when worn shower in the evening, but the hair and your skin will feel ' bitter '.

"Hot water will reduce body natural oils are as patron. Consequently the skin becomes dry and itchy, even could have triggered the disorder such as eczema or even memperparahnya, "he explained as reported Health.com.

Cheung added, goes without fear of the cold while taking a bath with cold water. "You just have to bathe at least 10 seconds to get the benefits of cold showers," he explained.

When less pleasing, Brown allowed the bath with warm water or not so cool for 10 minutes. This saying was already gives a better effect against the skin than it does not bath at all.

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