Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chili Peppers can fight Cancer, how it works

The news about the benefits of chili in the fight against cancer is still in debate. It's just a study of the origin of China never reveals the genesis of cancer figures tend to be lower in participants who hooked a spicy meal.

Chili Peppers can fight Cancer, how it works
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Other studies also just basing conclusions on the results of observation of rats, mice fed capsaicin (Chili in compounds) can be spared from lung and prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

But more recently researchers of the Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany found the performance of capsaicin when fighting cancer. As an initial experiment, they tried to observe the effects of capsaicin against breast cancer cells, but not the only type of breast cancer.

The targeted investigators are triple-negative breast cancer, this type of breast cancer that is most difficult to be cured with chemotherapy, as the only treatment option.

In the trial, researchers using tissue culture SUM149PT which is a model of triple-negative breast cancer. From other studies, researchers also learned that there are specific receptors around cancer cells called TRPV1. This receptor is in charge of controlling compound which can be used as food for the cancerous cells.

It turns out that when researchers added capsaicin on SUM149PT tissue culture for a few hours or days, these compounds can activate TRPV1, attached to the cell membrane which is at the tip.

When both are enabled, when cancer cells grow performance seen slowing down. This is because the presence of both result in tumor cells that become a sort of ' excess ' charge and then beginning to destroy himself.

And the more the cancer cells are dead, then the tumornya will also stop growing. "In a trial against a model of breast cancer cells, there is a decrease in cell proliferation after capsaicin was activated," the knot one of the researchers, Dr. Leah Weber as reported Mirror.

While more chemotherapy, plus cancer cells are nurtured. If there is lasting, cancer cells that are left will not move segesit before. This means the ability of metastasis or spread them in the body being reduced.

Weber added, but capsaicin will not be effective against cancer if eaten directly, like normal people eat spicy food. This new compound effectively used if formulated in tablet form and combined with other drugs that also target cancer cells.

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