Monday, January 16, 2017

Quite a 20-minute daily Walk Can ward off Cancer

Regular exercise is associated with reduced risk of chronic inflammation, which is one of the triggers health problems including cancer. But how much should work out, there are many different opinions.

Quite a 20-minute daily Walk Can ward off Cancer
daily walk
A recent study indicated that walk with fast rhythm aka brisk walking for 20 minutes every day can already provide these benefits. Physical activity is as simple as it is enough to trigger anti inflammatory response in the body.

In the study, Suzi Hong of the University of California San Diego involving 47 adult volunteers. The volunteers were asked to walk on the treadmill with the pace or rhythm rather quickly. Participants examined the blood samples before and after sports.

The observations indicate the occurrence of similar levels of a protein called TNF (tumor necrosis factor) by 5 percent. According to Hong, this is a significant clue that immune cells suppress inflammatory markers.

"The message conveyed here is that exercise not haris really intense to provide anti-inflammatory effects," said Hong, quoted from Health, Monday (16/1/2017).

The duration of the exercise for 20 minutes each day is like in this research is actually lower than the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization). The Organization promotes sports with medium intensity during 150 minutes each week, or approximately 30 minutes each day.

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