Monday, January 16, 2017

Although No Maximum, sports Only on weekends Remain Useful

Sports should indeed be done routinely. However, the only sport at the weekend proved to be a fixed benefit than not do it at all.

This latest discovery is good news for the weekend warrior, i.e. people who are avid sports but only on weekends. On a typical day, they were too busy so didn't get to do a lot of physical activity.

The research published in JAMA Internal Medicine that proves that people who work out only d weekend had a 30 percent lower risk for death at an early age. Of course if the sport routine, risks can be up to 35 percent of trousers trimmed. So quoted from Livescience.

sports Only on weekends Remain Useful
sports Only on weekends Remain Useful
The weekend warrior who was involved in the study do not even meet the minimum amount of time that is recommended for sports. The World Health Organization or WHO recommends to do the exercise with mild or moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes in a week.

In addition to more protected from premature death, compared to no exercise at all, the weekend warrior also had a lower risk for developing heart disease. They had a 40 percent lower risk for the disease have died, and about 20 percent lower to died of cancer.

Although the sport is only on weekends can already benefit, exercise routinely keep more advisable. In addition to advice for sports for 150 minutes in a week, there is also a suggestion to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week.

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