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How to let the little one Grows So a Self-confident Child

Each parent is definitely a proud when the little can grow so a self-confident child. Though in actuality, there are also children who are just confident at home. The nickname ' THUMP ' pun is sometimes given because the only brave when at home and when he's outside, the child so shy.

Have children brave and confident could be coveted parents. Moreover, mom and dad certainly can't bear to not direct child if you see ' mengkeret ' in front of many people, as delivered Dr. Hanindita Meta SpA of the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Dr. Sutomo,Surabaya (West Java), Indonesia.

How to let the little one Grows So a Self-confident Child
shy girl

"Actually train the child confidence can be started since infancy. How, by freeing the children can explore. Avoid giving a lot of limitations when the child activity, "said Dr. Meta as quoted from his book ' Play and Learn '.

Said Dr. Meta, the son of a freed exploration will usually evolve into a child's creative and more confidence to interact with the surrounding environment. However, Dr. Meta remind before freeing the children explore be sure security used to be a child.

For example, keep a hard or sharp objects that could potentially harm the child when actively taking part. Don't forget, wake up the positive image of the child by giving praise or positive words each interact with the child. 

And then, lest children with other children proclaimed that, because, when it's done unconsciously parents would suppress the child to do something undesirable. Furthermore, comparing the child with other children could lose her confidence.

To that end, Dr. Meta reminds a habit of giving the child positive encouragement so that motivation or the child believes he can do something with kemampuannga. When a child fails, it's not showing the kakecewaan and still give positive words.

Further, Dr. Meta reveal other ways parents can do to train your kid is getting used dri trust him interacting with the surrounding environment. For example, try giving money to the children rehearse the checkout when shopping. Or, let the child tell his message itself to the menu when the waitress at the restaurant. In addition, following the race can also train your child's confidence.

"When a child is already rather large, trained her confidence by allowing it to take decisions on its own. For example, from simple things like a child could choose to wear shoes and the books that he read. With unbelievable decision itself, long the child will be more confident, "Dr. pungkas Meta.

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