Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sprint 40 Seconds Already Make Fit

Busy working to make most people had taken the time to work out. Though sports still can be done without having to spend a lot of time. The research team from the University of Stirling's formula finds the shortest duration with exercise but provides benefits that fitness is optimal for one's body. According to the researchers, the key exists on new exercises which they call as ' supramaximal '. This exercise consisted of a 10-minute walk, punctuated with twice the sprinting or running fast for 20 seconds on the steps of the Office.


This exercise fitness can improve someone's claimed that never moves into 12 percent higher.
This exercise can be done three times in a week, it is already considered as effective as the recommended sports benefits many experts, that is 150 minutes a week.
Researchers obtained this conclusion after observing 38 studies of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is the method the central sports become a trend because the fit is used by those who are busy or not had time to take some time to exercise regularly. Total respondents reached more than 400 people.

When exercise was performed more than 40 seconds, then instead of the expected benefits are not felt, such as when the frequency of running quickly plus. This even resulted in a decrease in the level of fitness that should be retrieved from this exercise, an average of five percent.

"What surprised us was when repetisinya is done, then an increase in fitness is precisely not the case," the light of the Chairman of the research team, Dr. Niels Vollaard as reported Science Daily.

He hopes after finding the optimal duration and the amount of movement needed to be able to fit this, more and more people are motivated to actively move and the more healthy, with minimal effort possible.

In addition to maintain fitness, researchers believe that this kind of exercise can prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of death. "This exercise for healthy people but in daily lots of sitting, except for those whose blood pressure is already high and uncontrolled," close Vollaard.

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