Wednesday, January 18, 2017

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

The power gained from regular exercise routine is very surprising. Regular exercise can help the formation of strong muscles, prevent chronic disease, even make clothes fit better in the body.

The sport turned out to be able to make you look younger than actual age. 

"Of course the age cannot be changed, but the fact is that sports can improve health until the point at which make people look younger," says Frank Frisch, PhD, Director of Kinesiology at Chapman University, Orange, California.

 Here's some of the benefits that sport can make a person youthful :

1. Sports can provide excitement and strength

The sport has been like a natural energy drink, ' shoot ' the brain and body so you feel more alert and alive. Frisch says, practice placing the body in a State of passionate and more excited.

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

"Daily Tasks become less heavy and only requires a little more effort," added Frisch.

2. Sports can improve sex passion

"Sweating can increase blood flow throughout the body, including under the belt, and extra blood surge makes you feel more responsive and improve your passion," says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, Clinical Professor of obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale School of Medicine.

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

Exercise can also increase the power of passionate sex psychologically.

"Sport can make more confident about your looks and body, and can put you in a mindset that is sexier," explained Minkin.

3. Exercise can make the skin soft and radiant

Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario to form a small group that consists of adults aged 20-84 years. Research shows that people aged over 40 years that exercising on a regular basis, have the skin more supple and elastic like the skin was 20-30 years.

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

Researchers reveal that the differences have nothing to do with exposure to sunlight, which will make aging skin age faster if not wearing sunscreen. They assume that exercise creates a substance that the body can help slow down the aging of the skin.

4. Exercise can improve posture

During the process of aging, loss of muscle tone and bone density changes can make you lose your body posture.

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

"This can be overcome with strength training, which can build muscle and bone health, especially in the core and along the bone. You so can ' stand ' higher and look younger, "said Amie Hoff, personal trainer and founder of Hoff Fitness in New York.

5. Exercise can increase flexibility

Aging is not just to make the body more flexible, but it can also make your muscles and joints remain in place, so don't feel stiff and wobbly.

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

"Sports on a regular basis, especially the stretching routines such as yoga and pilates, make you more flexible," explained Hoff.

6. Exercise can boost your mood

Exercise and sweat can make a happier. This is caused by endorphins, that body chemistry system reacts when the body active. 

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

"It's like Endorphins natural remedy," said Eric Sternlicht, PhD, Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Chapman.

Some evidence suggests that exercise can trigger changes in other neurotransmitters which are connected to the pleasurable feelings, such as dopamine. Increasing the confidence gained from exercising can also help someone be more happy.

7. Sports can help sleep soundly

"Research shows that exercising regularly helps to be able to sleep easier and possible to experience the deeper REM sleep," said Frisch.

7 FACT Sport can make Ageless

Sleep well help all systems in the function body is working optimally, so likely to feel stress and make up all night. In fact, a recent study found that at least 150 minutes during exercise per week is able to improve the quality of sleep of 65 percent.

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