Wednesday, January 18, 2017

These benefits are gained from Sports Night

For people who are super busy, the night could be the only spare time for exercise. So what benefits do sports at night?
"Theoretically, the muscles are better equipped (when exercising at night)," explains Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, sports health expert from RS Mitra Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

These benefits are gained from Sports Night
Sports night

When the muscle is more ready, meaning that those who do exercise for the formation of muscles, exercise at night is more beneficial than exercise the morning or afternoon. However, Dr. Michael said in fact are the results there is no significant difference between the formation of muscle on sports night and morning.

For the ' night ' that man is more fresh and more excitement do activities in the evenings, sports in the evening could also give more benefits.

In addition to making the body more healthy and fresh, sports at night can also help overcome difficulties such as insomnia, sleep if done correctly and intensitasnya in accordance with the capacity of the body.

"Physical activity can provide a positive impact can also be negative. If appropriate, use the size of his heart rate, then it could treat insomnia, sleep more quickly, "said Dr. Michael.

But instead, when sports night is done in excess without regard to the ability of the body, then the activity is supposed to be healthy instead keeps the body hydrated and sleeplessness. This is because excessive calorie burning hot body and that resulted in the depletion of body fluids.

"Treating insomnia can be fixed when the time is taken into account. A minimum of 2 hours before sleep and drinking lots of water so that the cooling process more quickly, "said Dr. Michael.

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