Monday, January 16, 2017

Research Prove Bring Cell Phones While Sports Can Lower Heart Rate

To get optimal results, exercise needs to be done with full concentration. One of the buggers focus is mobile, which claimed to be lowering the heart rate up to 5 percent.

Research conducted by Jacob Barkley, PhD this revealed that conversing via cell phones while running can decrease the speed of up to 10 percent. While typing an SMS (Short Message Service), the speed goes down 10 percent and heart rate down 5 percent.

In fact, the same research also reveal the existence of the benefit of carrying cell phones while the sport. If used for listening to music, carrying cell phones while sports thus increasing the heart rate and average speed on the treadmill.

For those who often experience muscle pain while exercising, listening to music from a mobile phone can also help resolve it. According to scientists from McGill University in Canada, music stimulates the release of opioid compounds in the brain that relieves the pain.

Unfortunately, carrying a cell phone just to listen to music it seemed almost impossible. There are always troublemakers focus, for example, suddenly there are phone calls, incoming messages, or notification of various applications installed on a mobile phone that flirting to as soon as possible.

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