Monday, January 16, 2017

Bring your cell phones while Sports Can affect Posture

Bring your cell phones while Sports Can affect Posture. Bring your cell phones while sports could be useful, especially for those who rely on the fitness application in it. But in General, there are risks to be covered, among others, problems in posture.

A research about it published in Computers in Human Behavior and Performance Enhancement & Health recently. Researchers, Michael Rebold, PhD indicated that mobile phones can reduce the balance or the balance of the time sport.
Bring your cell phones while Sports Can affect Posture

"If you call or send an SMS with your mobile phone while it is running, attention is fragmented and that could interfere with the stability of postural," he said, quoted from Sciencedaily, Monday (16/1/2017).

Research involving 45 students as an object of observation revealed that 45 percent decreased postural stability when typing SMS, than when sport without carrying a cell phone. Speaking by phone reduces the stability of up to 19 percent.

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The stability decreases, the risk of injury is increased. Rebold reminds that its impact could also affect the musculoskeletal problems, aka bones and muscles.

But don't worry, your mobile phone does not give significant effects if taken just to listen to music. So wrote in his research Rebold.

This is not the first time that scientists associate with cell phones harm when the sport. DetikHealth reported earlier, the use of cell phones while sports can decrease the heart rate up to 5-10 percent. Reduced heart rate, mean intensity sports also decreased.

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