Monday, January 16, 2017

7 reasons we must Actively Swim

1.  Cardio and strength training into one

In the pool, if You are not moving constantly, You will drown. Impose You should do cardio movement! In addition, water is 800 times denser than air so that the muscles You are in constant resitensi. So don't choose again between these days will do cardio or strength training, because swimming compel you do both.

2.  Very easy to give effect

Yes, low-impact means of swimming is a recommended exercise for athletes who are injured in their joint section. But it could also give more results: "you can take a dip at a higher intensity on a regular basis without feeling injuries on the body", said Walton. You can do extra exercise in one day and still do practice the next day without feeling exhausted.

7 reasons we must Actively Swim
3.  Good for the lungs 

When You face is in the water, oxygen becomes very important. However, the body You will begin to adapt for use in oxygen efficiently, said Walton. Plus, learn to breathe more fresh air in every breath, and expel more carbon dioxide with every breathing. A study in India Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, found that swimmers have a good ups and downs due to the amount of air that moves in and out of the lungs more relaxed compared with runners. This causes a low heart rate, low blood pressure, and produce better performance.

4.  Make you a better Runner

With the increase in ability to use oxygen more effectively, swimming can increase the staying power You to the maximum. It's news that is important to you that You want to complete the first marathon in this year. This also means You can run faster berkilometer without running out of breath. In 2013 the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine Science in Sports research &, swimmers that follow the controlled breathing techniques (take two breaths per length swimming pool) enhance their economies running with 6 percent after just 12 sessions of swimming. The benefits of water-fueled side, swim training the glutes and hamstrings, and shoulders, all You'll need to form a runner improved.

5.  Everyone can do it and relieve Stress

Whether You're in recovery from injury or are pregnant? Swimming can provide enough exercise for you, in conditions that do not allow for lifting weights or running on the treadmill. You can control the speed, intensity, and something new in each session.
Meanwhile, with the train of endorphin can deliver a miracle in the level of stress you, in the water as long as You exercise, it will create an atmosphere that makes You more careful still. The inundated blunted the number of sensory information that bombard You body, helping to bring a feeling of calm, according to a study published in Pain Research & management. Same thing if You are looking for tranquility with a bath in bath tub (bathtub), swimming is also suitable for people who have chronic stress.

6.  Employs Muscle

"You don't sit at a desk you with hands above your head," said Walton. But when You're in the pool, arms You move on, which means You pay less muscle you use. Plus, because the pool so make keseimbang in water (while both the arms and legs move, as well as the mind), swimming Help You develop muscles that stabilize and lower in the back that is often missed by women.

7.  Make smarter 

Blood flow to the brain is increased up to 14 percent while we are submerged in water up to the limit of the chest, according to a study in the Journal of Physiology. Researchers believe the water pressure in the chest cavity may be one of the cause, and they are studying whether water-based exercise can improve blood flow to the brain better. We would like to hear a good news from the research!
Want a jump off the boat? Swimming in Gili? Go snorkeling at the Lombok? Mastering pool will help you do all that. "Swimming is a life skill. He opened the door to a lot of things that are fun. "

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