Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Does Drinking Water affects weight loss?

While undergoing weight loss program, one of the rules that are often used to reproduce a drink of water. That way, you easily feel fuller so that less food intake.

Then, what is the true way is effective help lose weight? "Not like that," said Professor Neil King, Coordinator in the Human Appetite Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Does Drinking Water affects weight loss?
drink water

According to King, there is no strong evidence to support the idea that white water can suppress appetite significantly to cause weight loss. Although, there are indeed people who reported her loss weight when drinking water to reproduce white.

But, according to King does not mean consumption of drinking water are a lot more that's what leads to weight loss. Citing a review study by 2013, said that evidence showing the link addition amount of drinking water consumption with weight loss is still limited.

"This is because the theory of liquids tend to pass through the gut very quickly. In contrast, the food takes longer time to digest so that you can feel full longer after eating the food, rather than drinking, "said the King, quoted from ABC Australia.

Meanwhile, aissten profersor nutrition at Deakin University, Tim Crowe said one way which allows the consumption of white water help lose weight that is drinking water a few sips just before eating. The goal, to make you focus more.

"With more focus, you can be more aware of what food you asup. So, the portion that is consumed to excess and not fitting. Keep in mind also that it is important to meet the needs of the liquid. Meanwhile, if you want to reproduce the water white, it won't make you fat but may make stomach discomfort, "said Crowe.

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