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5 things about drinking Water

The effort of removing the dehydration of the body can be done with drinking water. Sometimes there are also relying on white water in an effort to lose weight. Is it effective?
5 things about drinking Water

Here are some things you need to know related to drink plain water, summarized from various sources:

1. No Need To Plus Other Substances

Drinking sufficient amounts of water in a day is highly recommended to keep the fluid balance of the body. But for the game after a sense of distinct, other substances including dyes, sweeteners and flavorings added at white water.

Renal MEDICINE-child experts RSCM, Dr. Dr. Sudung o. Archanam, SpA (K), reminiscent of the habit of consuming drinks with coloring and flavoring slowly can make the weight increase. In the long term, the risk of illnesses such as heart and kidney pain whatsoever could attack.

2. Helps reduce caloric intake

Researchers at the University of Illnois suggests that increased consumption of drinking water have an impact on the number of calories absorbed. Just a little addition of white water intake can reduce the amount of consumption of calories, sugar, fat and sodium, which is quite significant. 

In this study also found when someone adds a portion of white water two or three glasses, then he consumes 205 calories, 18 grams of sugar, 235 milligrams sodium, 9 grams of fat and a little more.

3. Warm Water Make A Trim ?

It is said that people who avidly drinking plain water will warm more easily trim. But according to nutritionists Leona Victoria Djajadi, MND, drinking enough water, either cold or warm, will aid in weight loss in the long term.

But according to him, more cold water gives a positive effect against weight, because water temperatures to equalize in the stomach of a person will burn more calories. However, the effect is very small.

4. The recommended amount of white water

Pennie Taylor, a researcher at once certified dieticians at the CSIRO, Food and Animal Health Sciences, calling health experts agree if male body in need of 2.6 litres of water and women about 2.1 litres of water.

Taylor suggested to drink four to six glasses of water per day is standard. However, the amount of water can be added if it was in place with the hot temperature and you are very active doing the activities. Conversely, when temperatures are cooler, water consumption can be reduced.

To know the body being dehydrated or not, look at the color of urine. If the colour is a pale yellow, we may need more liquid. Another sign of dehydration is another lightweight dry lips and throat thirsty.

5. Drinking too much Water can be led to Death

Consuming too much water and quickly can cause a condition known as water intoxication (water intoxication). Water intoxication occurs when a person consumes too much water so the other nutrients in the body be dissolved resulting in these substances can no longer do its job properly.

Water intoxication also result in electrolyte imbalance affecting the concentration of sodium ions and trigger the onset of hiponatremia. Well, hiponatremia extreme can eventually lead to coma and death due to Brain swelling.

Symptoms that appear when the water poisoning similar poisoning of alcohol i.e. nausea, vomiting and mental changes. Other symptoms are headaches, muscles weaken and convulsions.

If it can be known early, then treatment with giving fluids containing electrolytes IV can provide complete recovery.

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