Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coffee Drinkers More Longevity

It Is Revealed, This Is Why Coffee Drinkers More Longevity. Various studies show that coffee drinkers tend to have a longer lifespan. But what exactly makes coffee so salubrious, until now not many who revealed them.

A recent study at Stanford University calls the secret there are on caffeine. The compound also found in tea and some health drink has the effect of anti-inflammatory or bitter taste.

Inflammatory or inflammation associated with various diseases that trigger premature death, ranging from cancer to heart problems. The blood vessels are experiencing inflammatory for example, will harden and easily clogged or broken. Heart attacks often occur because of the problem.

Coffee Drinkers More Longevity

Coffee Drinkers More Longevity

"More than 90 percent of disease is not contagious in the aging process is associated with inflammatory krois," said David Furman, quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday (17/1/2017).

In a study, it is evident that caffeine intake inhibit IL-1-Beta (Interleukin 1 Beta), which is a type of protein that functions in systemic inflammation triggers massive. This compound is also associated with the risk of high blood pressure.

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