Tuesday, January 17, 2017

6 Sign indicated the body when you drink coffee

Not a few people who rely on coffee as a beverage to make it more ' literacy '. In fact, some people do make coffee as a drink favorite. However, when you drink too much coffee, any body can demonstrate its markings. What's it? Let's take a look :

6 Sign indicated the body when you drink coffee

1. Jittery, uncertain mood

Consuming too much coffee can make you restless. In addition to the effect on the central nervous system stimulant, coffee also block the receptors adenosine. As a result, the levels of adrenaline, dopamine, glutamate, and surged until it causes you to be on condition of flight or fight.

"The activation of the sympathetic nervous system can cause anxiety, anxiety, increased heart rate, irritability, even the explosion of emotions," said Michael Yassa PhD, Professor of Neurobiology and behavior at the University of California, Irvine, to Prevention.

2. Feel energetic

The study, published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology found that caffeine can interfere with productivity. As a result, workers can feel limp, uninspired, also not powered.

It says sports nutritionist in St. Augustine, Florida, Jenna Braddock, RDN, many people rely on caffeine to help them stay powered on that day. 

"But, that chick is just another fake energy. To that end, to make the body energy, balanced nutrition with food consumption because that's what fuels the body, "said Braddock.

3. More frequent urination

As is known, the caffeine content coffee are diuretic. Although there has been no research that says coffee can trigger dehydration, at least when you drink coffee but don't drink enough water, hydration status is not good.

"If you want to drink coffee, balance with Kraft. Because food can slow down the movement of liquids to the stomach and digestive system, and finally to the bladder, "said Braddock.

4. Eye twitch

Eye twitch? Could be one of the reason is because most of the coffee. National Institutes of Health mentioned excess Caffeine consumption included in 3 large causes the eye twitch. 

Meanwhile, research at York University suggests caffeine triggers a release of serotonin and noradrenaline, the neurotransmitter that enhances the reactivity of muscles and nerves. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the intake of coffee and expand the drinking water.

5. Frequent stomach heartburn

The coffee have a laxative effect in about 30 percent of the people. Although scientists do not know what the exact reason, supposedly good acid on coffee and stimulasinya in the intestines can trigger the desire of defecation. 

If want to drink coffee, good choose coffee with caffeine and acid is relatively lower.

6. Irregular sleep schedules

Even drinking coffee 6 hours before going to bed, it could be sabotaging your sleep hours. In addition, coffee can also interfere with the body's circadian rhythms. As a result, when you wake up the body feels is not powered.

"Sleep is very important especially for the cognitive aspect. For the anticipation of disruption of sleeping hours, never again drink coffee after 4 in the afternoon, "said Yassa advise.

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