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How If Garlic Eaten Daily ?

The benefits of garlic a lot that we can feel for everyday life. Garlic is often understood as a seasoning and already famous in different parts of the world. That makes this popular herb is its ability to prevent cancer.

His stinging scent makes the plant does not consumed directly, but only as a condiment, so just in a little amount of garlic we consume.

Almost all of the natural ingredients have properties each in the body. So also with garlic, but before turning to the merits, it's good to know we're pulling in nutrients content of garlic.

1. The benefits of garlic has Allicin, a compound used for Medicine

Garlic is a plant that has been used since ancient Egyptian times, the content of allicin is indeed one of the substances that are used as medicine. Allicin is one of the most active biological components and a great ingredient in garlic. What is the function of allicin? He is a great anti-bacterial substances contained in garlic.

Various research has been done against these substances and found that it had an important effect for some health issues below:

Lose weight
Thin the blood
Preventing hypertension
Anti cancer substance
Anti microbial and anti bacterial/.
This substance was the one who made the hallmark on the smell of garlic. Garlic has sulfur compounds called Allicin, which is believed to be very large role and bring the health benefits of Java.

2. Garlic Herbal Anti-cancer

Garlic worth mentioning as an herbal/plant anti-cancer, allyl sulfide deposits found in garlic which causes it as anti cancer herb.

One of the real evidence that the researchers found deposits of PhIP, is one form of heterocyclic amines (HCA) which is a substance that can trigger breast cancer for women. From a variety of research conducted diallyl sulphide substances found in garlic inhibits the growth and transformation of PhIP into carcinogens that ultimately can lead to breast cancer.
But you need to remember that garlic has anti cancer substance that is effective for preventing the growth of cells of different types of cancer that are harmful to you.

3. Powerful Lowers high blood pressure

These are the benefits of garlic that has been tested, it has been a lot of research that took out the fact that effective garlic lowers high blood pressure of around 7-8%. Even the effects of garlic can lower blood pressure in normal people.  Most of the studies used the garlic powder.

4. Garlic is rich in nutrients and low in calories

Garlic is one of the herbs that contain nutrients that are very good and needed by the body. Garlic is very high in vitamin C and calcium and iron.
The following is a summary of the nutrients provided by garlic per 136 Gr garlic:

Vitamin C; Meet 71% daily needs
Calcium; Meet the 25% daily needs
Iron; Meet the daily needs of 13%
Carbohydrates (45 grams); 15% of the daily needs
Fiber (3 g); meet the daily needs of 11%.
The nutrients contained in the content of garlic is very beneficial for the human body, but uniquely he did not contain substances or nutrients that may be harmful to the body if too large such as saturated fat and calories.

5. source of Antivirus/anti bacterial/a very potent Antioxidant

The most popular benefits of garlic are very rich sources of antioxidants and certainly needed by the body. Not just to prevent garlic, also known as anti virus and bacteria, a substance contained in garlic may help prevent the development of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses and worms in the body.

6. Powerful Slashed bad cholesterol (LDL)

One of the greatness of other herbs/spices the most famous dishes in Indonesia it is its ability to lower bad cholesterol. He was able to trim the LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body significantly, various research proves that it can trim the LDL by as much as 10-15%. Don't worry with HDL (good cholesterol), although the potent garlic to lower LDL, but lacks the means to effect HDL, so you'll stay healthy.

Insulin production can be spurred bengan consume garlic, this is the same as the benefits of coffee consumed wisely. This reduces insulin increase sugar levels in the blood.

7. Want to Longevity? Garlic Solution

Age is indeed the secret of God, yet with a myriad of benefits of garlic that we discussed no harm that garlic consumption on a regular basis can help boost age so long and durable. Here are some of the reasoning.

Avoid cancer, a major killer in the world
Avoid heart disease with the ability to trim the LDL in the blood.
Reduce high blood pressure
Anti oxidant + Anti Virus + Anti bacterial
Four of the above functions is the one of the supportive factors for Ageless living and longevity. Spared from many dangerous diseases and anti oxidant and anti bacteria is the key to a happy healthy life.

8. Garlic effective for Skin Beauty

Not only health is sustained by garlic, as well as the benefits of cucumber, garlic also provide excellent benefits for skin beauty.

Clears blackheads. Blackheads often appear in the nose and interfere with your appearance. Simply puree the garlic, then apply it on areas that were afflicted with blackheads.
Remove stains of scars. Scars sometimes create lack of confidence for the memlikinya. The benefits of garlic, provide anti-inflammatory properties that are able to clean up the rest of the wound on the skin. Apply the garlic on the stain the wound.

Acne medication. One clove of garlic that crushed and then balurkan on the surface of the skin there are acne, then let stand 10 minutes or use the time before bed. The next day, the acne will mengempes and smaller, do routinely to get optimum results.
9. Prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Nerve damage or caused by oxidative free radicals was instrumental in the process of premature aging. Garlic contains antioxidant that supports the body's protection mechanisms against oxidative damage.

Garlic supplements have been proven to increase antioxidant enzymes in humans, as well as significantly reduce oxidative stress in patients with high blood pressure.

The combined benefits such as a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as antioxidant properties, it can help prevent common brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

10. Garlic Can Trim weight loss

Various research has found that the anti-inflammatory substances found in garlic can help regulate fat cells that are formed in our bodies. Obesity or weight gain occurs when fat continue to be formed, this step change the Pre-adiposit into fat cells (adipocytes) through a process we call the inflammatory system. Vinyldithiin substances found in garlic can help inhibit the onset of inflammatory processes is certainly good to prevent weight gain.

11. Eliminate very potent Toothache

Garlic sometimes can be beneficial at a time when critical or urgent when you experience a toothache. Tooth pain is generally caused by bacteria that are present in your teeth. Properties of anti virus and bacteria on the garlic can eradicate and eliminate the bacteria the causes of toothache. He also has a powerful analgesic content to address your toothache.

12. Increase metabolism of iron

Iron is stored in the cells of our body, the next activity is moving out of the cell and back in circulation of the body that is certainly in need of a protein called ferroportin. Ferroportin is a protein that goes across the cell membrane, and provide a bridge for crossing over to iron and leave the cell. Garlic may increase the production of a protein that helps keep iron circulating in the body according to your needs.

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